We are looking for WINNERS to join our growing team!

  • Are You A Winner?
  • Do You Believe That You Got What It Takes To Crush Results!?
  • Are You Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Achieve Your Goals?
  • Do You Believe That You Have The Potential To CRUSH IT!?
    We Are Looking For Winners To Join Our Growing Team.
    Sent Your Resume To: Careers@Empire-Sales.Ca

WHY Should YOU JOIN Empire Sales Group?​

winning mindset, Growth, development & TRAINING, UNTAPPED earning potential, AND MORE!

Our organization was established as a passion project with a sole purpose in mind: creating a sustainable employment opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs. We aim to provide them with multiple partners, premium product portfolio and put them on a path for sustainable wealth.

We are proud of creating Sales People that have an incredible work ethic, morals and incredible sales skill!


  • Elite
  • Motivated
  • Professional
  • Innovative
  • Relentless
  • Entrepreneurial

What's in it for you?

What's in it for you?

Competitive, flexible pay structure

Unlimited opportunities for growth

Travel opportunities

Comprehensive training development



After you’ve submitted your resume, we will contact you and set up an initial interview which we will use to determine if we feel that there is a potential for us to work together. We are not looking for specific molds or boxes that you should check, we are just looking to determine if you have the traits necessary to win and be a great team player.
Our VP of Sales or one of our executives will personally interview you and we will determine the next steps – talent selection is the single most important step in building a successful sales organization, so we handpick each and every one of our amazing employees.

Pre-Employment requirements:
– Valid Working Visa 
– Background check
– References check
– Drivers abstract – upon request*
– D&A Test – upon request*


Everybody starts from “The Basics” – we “level the playing field” to ensure equal opportunity for all of our successful new employees to learn the art of our craft.
Our Basic B2B sales training is the best training in the industry. 
Our trainers will guide you and help you learn throughout the training phase and within 4-8 weeks ramp you up to full production level.
Weeks 1-2: Product and sales training.

Week 3: Field training, continuing development, and advanced training.

We are following a proven training model to ensure your success, so we will:
T – Tell
S – Show
O – Observe
V – Verify

*We are very selective, some people will not make it through our training journey – we take this opportunity to ensure that we have on-boarded the right people.


The best way to truly learn and grow is through massive action. We will encourage you to adapt and learn your craft with ongoing training – both in the office and in the field.
We will manage you through KPI’s, assign you a field leader, and provide you the level of support necessary to help you master your domain and build a hyper-successful sales career.

We manage through 
3 main KPI’s:

  1. Activity: Prospecting level – How many new interactions and general customers interactions you have every day. (Will)
  2. Closing ratio: We constantly measure your closing ratio/conversion ratio and help you to improve it. (Skill)
  3. Value per deal: We will help you manage your skills and ensure that you implement it in the field – cross selling, up-selling, etc. We measure every product in your portfolio and help you increase and improve. 



So by now, we are sure that you know what we are looking for; if you believe that you got what it takes, if you have the burning desire to "UNLOCK YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL", if you believe that you can fit into our culture, we welcome you to submit your information and we will contact you in a timely manner.